The beauty is at home in Ravello, as well as love for art and music.
Only in the last two centuries his parterre of honor boasts illustrious names in music such as Wagner , Grieg, Rostropovich , Toscanini , Bernstein, in the field of painting as Escher, Turner , Miro and even great writers from Lawrence to Forster to Virginia Wolf .
It is no coincidence that today this place on the Amalfi Coast guests big cultural events such as the Ravello Festival and chamber music concerts organized by the Ravello Concert Society.
Noble lineage , Enchantress of nations, Ravello awaits the traveler from the maritime countries of the Amalfi Coast decides to turn up and joins her on her rocky outcrop 350 meters above sea level .
The Cathedral dominates the square of the Bishop and welcomes the traveler with a splendid portal in bronze bas-reliefs which was released in 1179 and then brought to Constantinople by sea up to this village on the Amalfi Coast.
Villa Rufolo. The tower that overlooks the square of the Bishop once served as a lookout at Villa Rufolo , one of the jewels of art that made ​​him famous Ravello and the Amalfi Coast in the world. Wagner was a guest here in 1880 while he was composing Parsifal and was so impressed by the charm of the place to write ” The enchanted garden of Klingsor has been found.”

Falling in love for Ravello and the unique natural landscape of the Amalfi Coast : this is the origin of Villa Cimbrone , visionary work of the English lord William Beckett who in 1904 bought the land on which stood an old abandoned mansion and turned it into a place fantastic fusing different styles and periods , archaeological finds and travel memories.
Other places and monuments to visit in Ravello:

-Coral Museum

-Church of San Giovanni del Toro

-Church of Santa Maria a Gradillo

-Church of San Francesco

-The Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer

Ravello emphasizes its role as a place devoted to culture as a bridge between past and future, thanks to the presence of the Auditorium created by one of the legendary names in international architecture , Oscar Niemeyer.
A powerful construction and lightweight at the same time , like a blank sheet of paper placed on the hill and inflated by the wind, which houses a large hall with 400 seats dedicated to concerts and artistic events on the Amalfi Coast .