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You will became the main protagonists cooking with your hands the main dishes of the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is a nutritional model inspired by the traditional dietary patterns of three European and one African countries: Italy, Greece, Spain and Morocco. In 2010 it was included in the World Cultural Heritage ‘by UNESCO.
The father of the Mediterranean diet was Dr.. Lorenzo Piroddi (Genoa 1911-1999), who was the first to realize a connection between nutrition and metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and bulimia.
The Mediterranean diet has a high consumption of bread, fruit, vegetables, herbs, grains, olive oil, fish and wine and is based on a paradox: people living in Mediterranean countries consume quantities ‘quite high in fat but l’ use of olive oil, animal fats offsets. Olive oil seems to lower levels of blood cholesterol is, it is argued, moreover, that the moderate consumption of wine during meals (one glass per meal), is another protective factor for the antioxidants present in it.
According to various studies, carried out by famous American scientists, the Mediterranean diet, decreases the rate of mortality due to coronary artery by more than 50%. According to these studies, the positive diet has protective effects on the brain, helping to prevent cognitive decline. Not only that, the Mediterranean diet reduce the chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease.
The eating healthy is also good.

What We Suggest:

If eating healthy , satisfies the palate… What’s best in the world?
We find these features in the Mediterranean diet.
This cooking class is born by the firm conviction that our diet is unique in the world and that’s why we want as much as possible, bring our loving tourists to discover it through a day in the nature discovering authentic flavors.

The duration will be about 5/6 hours and includes:

A short walking tour of the town center of the Amalfi Coast : Amalfi;
We will reach the Valley of the Mills, where we will meet the Aceto family, which will take us for a tour in their famous lemon groves.
For years, they work with care and passion for the cultivation and production of the Gold of the Amalfi Coast: the Sfusato Amalfitano;
From here, including the Lemon tour and a guided visit in the Arts and Trades Museum, we arrive at the peak of the day, where our guests, followed by Giovanna, a lover of Mediterranean cuisine, will become the main protagonists, cooking with their hands the dishes cult of the Mediterranean diet, learning the basics which can then reproduce and transmit in their country.
The day will end with a visit to the factory of Limoncello and final tasting!

We are waiting for you. Do not miss the chance to discover new things!


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  1. We offer lemon tours and cooking classes inspired by tradition which will give you unique emotions. Ours is a family hystory of farmers who have been taking care of this land for 6 generations. Come to our lemon groves and experience an exciting day in nature discovering the authentic soul of Amalfi. i l e e r c t

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