Positano, the place that hosted the Sirens on the islands of Li Galli , never fails to seduce those who arrive here

Positano seen from the sea looks almost like a shell, streaked with different colors. From the green lemon trees that crown to white to yellow to pink and its Mediterranean houses , the silver gray of pebble beaches , and finally the blue of the sea .
An alluring as the sirens on the rocks of Li Galli.
It is believed that the town was founded in the ninth century around a Benedictine abbey and then enlarged with the arrival of the inhabitants of Paestum, terrified by the incursions of the Saracens in Amalfi.
When in 1268 it was sacked by the Pisans changed its urban structure in the defensive end , becoming similar to Amalfi with narrow streets , houses clinging to the rocks , fortresses and watchtowers .
From every point of the village you can admire the multicolored tiled dome of the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta that its interior contains the icon of the Black Madonna of Byzantine inspiration and dating back to the eighteenth century .
For walkers there is the opportunity to explore the trails that lead to the mountain hamlets .

You can start with the path that leads to the Oasis of the Vallone Porto, a fairytale place full of waterfalls, animals and rare plants.
An endless series of steps, or a driveway that climbs up the hill , to unite the country Montepertuso , the location Lattari Mountains that is located between Positano and the sky.
A true hole in the mountain tradition that has been created from the impression of the finger of the Virgin.
On July 2 , in the church of the Madonna delle Grazie , where one of the most spectacular religious festivals of the Amalfi Coast .
And ‘ suggest a visit to Fontana Vecchia fresh water to drink to his .

The Village of Nocelle
Below the top of Montepertuso stands the tiny village of Nocelle , a small village a few years ago could only be reached through a path that climbed the mountain side or a stairway of 1500 steps from the beach of Arienzo .